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About Us

Our Business
Our Dance Classes
Our Dance Students updatedMar 2
What our students say about us updatedMar 15

The Toronto Dance ™ team consists of:

We have known each other for many years and most of us are connected with the University of Toronto Ballroom Dance Club (UTBDC).

Aside from running fun beginner group dance classes, Toronto Dance ™ is also available for:

  • wedding dance choreography or bridal packages
  • dance lesson party packages
  • special fun dance lesson for dating couples
  • specialized dance workshops
  • ballroom dancing and salsa dancing on planned dance outings
  • specialized corporate group dance lessons (eg, team-building, Christmas party)
  • corporate/party/wedding shows/performances
  • private and semi-private dance lessons for faster learning
  • gift certificates for all occasions
  • dance hosting
  • public demos that help promote awareness of dance

If you wish to contact any of us, please go to the "Contact Us" page.

For performances at parties, events, or weddings, the following people are available:

  • Jean and Chuan Chee - ballroom
  • Agatha Hansen and Rafael Holoday - ballroom and latin
  • Agatha Holoday and Peter Buzny - latin
  • Anna Goncharova and Kamil Studenny - latin and ballroom
  • Anna Czerniawski and Alexander Fedorov - latin and ballroom
  • Zoia Petrossian and Jarek Piwowarczyk - latin and ballroom
  • Ania Deichsel and Jason Ng - latin
  • Sharon Galor and Rocky Fuda - Salsa, Merengue, Bachata
  • Sharon Galor with City Dance Corps - Salsa, Merengue, Bachata
  • Caryl Cuizon and Angus Dirnbeck - Salsa, Merengue, Bachata
  • Irina Rosales and Bong Gonzales - Salsa, Conga
  • Gorete Almeida and Roland Semprie - Salsa
Contact Toronto Dance for availability, pricing, etc.

Our Business

Toronto Dance Inc. focuses on fun and quality in our instructional classes, practices, and parties. All of these are geared specifically for beginner dancers. Toronto Dance is one of the few dance schools in Toronto that specializes in beginner lessons so we excel in teaching absolute beginners.

Our Dance Classes

Our classes focus on the beginner dancer and cater to young working professionals. We focus on fun and quality in the classes. The instructors are extremely qualified and have been teaching for many years.

Please check out the variety of classes offered. We also teach private, semi-private, and wedding dance choreography classes in Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Swing.

Our Dance Students updated

The majority of our students range in age from 20 to 40 years old. You can see photos of them in our photos page. About 20% of them are singles in Latin-Ballroom and about 70% of them are singles in Salsa-Nightclub.

For our group classes, we have students who travel from St.Catharines, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Brampton, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham, Ajax and Oshawa. For our private lessons or wedding dance preparation lessons, we have students from as far as Niagara Falls, Sudbury, Quebec City, New York City, Cincinnati, Dallas Texas, Orange Country California and London England!

Check what students have to say about Toronto Dance in Testimonials.

Chuan Chee - instructor, marketing, web master

photo of Jean and Chuan Chee

Chuan started dancing in 1985 and met his wife, Jean, in 1994. Together they have been competing in DanceSport from 1997 to 2003 starting at Pre-Bronze and ending as Championship Standard finalists and Gold Latin finalists. They have appeared in numerous TV shows, performances, newspaper articles and magazines. Chuan dances and teaches Latin (International and North American styles), Standard/Ballroom (International and North American styles), Salsa (on 1), Merengue, Bachata, Swing and West Coast Swing.

Chuan has been a member of the University of Toronto Ballroom Dance Club since 1988 and been on its committee since 1992. See an excellent article about UTBDC in the University of Toronto alumni magazine called Shall We Dance?.

Jean and Chuan have been on Canadian TV shows 4 times and have performed at several shows including large black-tie galas.

Chuan is the instructor for the following classes:

  • Latin-Ballroom level 1
  • Latin-Ballroom level 2
  • Latin-Ballroom level 3

Sharon Galor - instructor

Sharon has been dancing since early 2001 and teaching since Fall 2001, with an emphasis on turn patterns and styling. She teaches Salsa (on 1), Bachata, Merengue, and (nightclub) Cha Cha. She started competing and teaching with Rocky since early 2002. Sharon is also part of a professional dance performance troupe at City Dance Corps.

Sharon and Rocky finished third at the Bar One Salsa Competition in Toronto Sep 2002.

Sharon Galor
photo of Sharon Galor
Sharon is the instructor for the following classes:
  • Salsa-Nightclub level 1
  • Salsa-Nightclub level 2
  • Salsa-Nightclub level 3
  • Salsa-Nightclub level 4
  • Salsa-Nightclub level 5

Caryl Cuizon - instructor

In 1999, a passion for self-expression and soulful music drew Caryl Cuizon to one of Toronto’s largest freestyle dancing communities. The rhythm and flavour of Latin music (particularly in Salsa) quickly got her hooked. She has since been a regular at both local and international salsa venues as a social dancer, performer and instructor in salsa/mambo dance. Her energetic urban style is influenced by genres of dance in hip-hop, Afro Cuban, jazz and cheerleading. Caryl teaches both Salsa on 1 (LA style) and Salsa on 2 (NY style).

In addition to performing at private and public functions, Caryl has taught cardio salsa classes at gyms across the GTA and club classes in various Toronto nightclubs. Caryl has traveled to New York City, Ottawa, Montreal, Detroit MI, Houston TX, Washington DC, and the UK to perform, teach and learn the styles and techniques of salsa dancers from around the world.

Caryl Cuizon
photo of Caryl Cuizon
Caryl is the instructor for the following classes:
  • Salsa-Nightclub level 1
  • Salsa-Nightclub level 2
  • Salsa-Nightclub level 3
  • Sexy Salsa Styling
  • Salsa Leading-Following
Caryl is an original member of both Grupo Sabroso and On Beat Latin Dance Company and have been performing Salsa On 2 style for 2 years. She has recently joined Culture Shock Canada, a hip-hop dance troupe in Toronto.

Lynn Wilsher - instructor

Lynn Wilsher is a lively part-time dance instructor with over 13 years of teaching experience. Lynn is well-known for her lighthearted, fun, and humourous teaching style, which has drawn many students. She has also taught formation routines at UTBDC for the U of T Festival of Dance. Her most memorable routine is a Samba routine called "Tropical Nights", a Liza Minnelli song. Aside from her night-time passion of dancing the West Coast Swing, Lynn is a Registered Massage Therapist and has a busy private massage therapy practice in downtown Toronto.

Lynn Wilsher
photo of Lynn Wilsher
Lynn is the instructor for the following classes:
  • Swing level 1
  • Swing level 2
  • West-Coast Swing level 1

Rocky Fuda - instructor

Rocky Fuda is a full-time dance instructor whose youthful energy, endless patience, and clear teaching method combine to give students the ultimate learning experience. Rocky's dance background spans 14 years, and includes the study of Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Modern, (International and North American style) Ballroom & Latin, Swing and Salsa dancing. He has been successfully introducing students to the world of Ballroom & Latin, as well as Salsa dancing and Cardio Salsa, for the past 3 years, and is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best instructors in Toronto. He has been teaching at the University of Toronto Ballroom Dance Club since May 2002.

Rocky's most recent accomplishments include representing Canada at the 2002 World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico and finishing 3rd at the Bar One Salsa Competition in Toronto Sep 2002.

Sharon Galor and Rocky Fuda
photo of Rocky Fuda and Sharon Galor

Mandy Hanafi - instructor

Mandy Hanafi has been a full-time dance instructor since 1987. Her qualifications include:

  • Canadian Professional Competition finalist in Standard and Latin from 1987 to 1999
  • Full member of CDTA and IDTA (professional dance teacher organizations)
  • Performed on many TV shows, commercials, conventions, etc.
  • Choreographer for dance routines from beginners to professionals since 1986
  • Trained by the world's top instructors in England and USA
  • Certified fitness and aerobics instructor since 1987
  • Dance instructor in (International and North American styles) Ballroom & Latin, Salsa, Swing
She has been teaching at the University of Toronto Ballroom Dance Club since Sep 2002 and used to teach at University of Toronto's Hart House 1987 to 2000.

Mandy Hanafi
photo of Mandy Hanafi

Michelle Goldman - instructor

Michelle Goldman has been teaching for several years and specializes in Swing and Salsa. She is currently teaching at the University of Toronto Athletic Centre and International Students Centre. She teaches occasionally for Toronto Dance.

Julie Epplett - instructor

Julie has been dancing as long as she can remember, but in recent years has made West Coast Swing her specialty. She has been teaching weekly classes under "Groovy Bluesy Jazzy Funky". Julie prides herself on keeping up with the current trends in West Coast Swing by continuing to train with top champions and competing internationally.

Julie Epplett
photo of Julie Epplett
Julie is the instructor for the following classes:
  • West Coast Swing Beginner 1
  • West Coast Swing Beginner 2
  • West Coast Swing Intermediate

Jean Chee - business manager, wedding dance instructor

photo of Jean Chee Jean started dancing in 1994 at a downtown Toronto dance studio and has been a member of the University of Toronto Ballroom Dance Club since 1996 and been on its committee 1997 to 2001. She has competed from 1997 to 2003 (see above for more information). Jean dances and teaches Latin (International style), Standard/Ballroom (North American style), Salsa, Swing and West Coast Swing.

Darren and Melvine Baird - instructors, class helpers

Melvine and Darren Baird
photo of Melvine and Darren Baird
Darren and Melvine Baird recently moved to Toronto from Newfoundland where they successfully ran their Ballroom and Latin Dance Clubs at their university and outside the university. They have been dancing since 1998. Darren and Melvine dances and teaches Latin (International style), Standard/Ballroom (International and North American styles) and Salsa (on 1), Cardio Salsa, and Merengue.

Aiden Selsick - instructor, class helper, dance host

Aiden started social partner dancing and DanceSport in 2001 and joined the committee of the University of Toronto Ballroom Dance Club in 2002. She has successfully competed in Pre-Bronze and Bronze Latin since 2001. Her competition partner was Minh Nguyen. Aiden dances and teaches International-style Latin, Standard/Ballroom, Salsa and Swing.

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