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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is generally regarded as one for altering the postural behavior of individuals and indeed it can so be regarded. However it concerns itself with considerably more than this. It is a technique for altering the reaction of the individual to the stimuli of his environment and thus it can be applied to the whole range of human activities, whether these be regarded as just thought processes or processes involving predominately muscular activity. (Patrick Macdonald - The Alexander Technique As I See It)

F.M. Alexander (1869 - 1955) discovered that there is a dynamic relationship between the neck, head, torso and limbs which acts as a Primary Control (Alexander's term) or master reflex for the entire psycho-physical mechanism. When this relationship is used well it produces changes that affect all levels of our being.
Those who come for lessons in the Alexander Technique often seek out this work due to a wide variety of ailments including neck and back problems, tendonitis, R.S.I., vocal and breathing difficulties, postural problems (kyphosis or scoliosis), learning difficulties or simply to improve their psycho-physical co-ordination. The Alexander Teacher endeavors to find out the cause of the dis-ease and works together with the pupil to eliminate unwanted, unnecessary tension-producing habits that are interfering with a well-balanced co-ordinated use of the person.

In a course of lessons the pupil will be helped to overcome his/her ailments. In addition the pupil is taught to acquire tools for the prevention of relapses and for better over-all body use in all activities. Lessons in the Technique are taught on an individual basis as each person has his/her own set of habits to deal with.