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Norman Doidge, MD
Norman Doidge, MD

"Elaine Kopman is a master teacher of first rank, of a technique and new way of perceiving which is conveyed not principally through words but experientially, all made possible by her rare intuition and sensitivity to the forces in the body that allow one to use grace. I've had well over 100 of her lessons and found them physically transformative and endlessly fascinating, as she led me (and others) to experience the forces and counterforces in one's body that one's mind didn't even know were present." ~ Norman Doidge, MD, Author of The Brain That Changes Itself

Gary Labovitz Gary Labovitz

"Elaine Kopman, Director of the Toronto School of the Alexander Technique, never wavers from F.M. Alexander's stated principles. Her work is rich, superb and influential. The atmosphere in the school is engaging and positive, yet serious- always emphasizing “the work” and its usage." ~Gary Labovitz, Graduate of the Toronto School of the Alexander Technique, Violist Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Julia TchernikJulia Tchernik

"I simply do not have enough words to express my gratitude to Elaine for her work. I am incredibly lucky to have met Elaine, who not only introduced me to the Alexander Technique, but helped me look at my own body and mind's work in a different, deeper way. Working with Elaine is an infinite process of growth for me, both professionally as a musician, and personally as a human being. Thanks to Elaine, I have learned to embrace this process which has changed my perception of myself and others and brought much freedom and joy into my life." ~ Julia Tchernik, Pianist and Teacher

Michael SpasevskiMichael Spasevski

"The Toronto School of the Alexander Technique is a place where real learning and genuine growth can take place. Under Howard and Elaine's sage guidance, students can start to identify their habitual patterns of tension- stop, and begin to organize themselves. It's been a truly invaluable experience for me personally and professionally." ~ Michael Spasevski, Graduate of the Toronto School of the Alexander Technique and Actor


"Thank you Elaine for your gentle, warm and caring introduction to the Alexander Technique. It has made and continues to make a significant impact on my personal, as well as my professional life. "
~ Dr. Edo Teku, MD, CCFP, FCFP