The Toronto School of the Alexander Technique was established by Elaine Kopman in 1992. The School is certified by The Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and meets the requirements as set out by the Society in its by-laws. The Society (known as CANSTAT) is affiliated with the international group of STAT Societies. This group has established the mutually recognized standards of all schools within its jurisdiction. Therefore, a certificate issued by a school within the group will automatically be recognized by STAT Societies all over the world.

The Toronto School of the Alexander Technique has been recognized by the Federal Government of Canada as a private educational institution. As such, students are allowed to deduct tuition fees for income tax purposes.

Course Description
The aim of the school is to train teachers in the basic principles and concepts of the Alexander Technique in order to apply it to life's activities and to learn practical hands-on work essential for the purpose of teaching.

Classes are 3 and one half hours per day for a total of 1600 Hours.

Students receive separate individual instruction from the Director every day and learn to apply the principles of the Technique by practising on their fellow-students and working on themselves. An internship program forms part of third year studies whereby the students begin to work with newcomers to the Technique. The students begin to give lessons on their own and these are supervised by the Director. The lessons help the student-teacher to acquire the necessary skills he/she will require to work well with new pupils.

Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded certificates as certified teachers of the Alexander Technique.

It is recommended that prospective students have had 25-30 lessons in the Technique before beginning the Teachers Training Course. These lessons can be taken from a certified teacher of the Technique or from the Director of the Toronto School of the Alexander Technique. If lessons are taken with a teacher other than the Director, a letter of recommendation is required. The first 12 weeks of the course are probationary.

The School is directed by Elaine Kopman. She was trained in Israel and graduated from the Jerusalem School of the Alexander Technique in 1979. In addition to directing the school she maintains a private practice and conducts seminars and workshops.

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